dBiz Chord Module

Hi, Omri suggested I post this here.

I’m having trouble understanding the dBiz Chord Module. I reached out to Giovanni but have not heard back yet.

I can get most of the module to work (all the inputs and outputs on the top section of the module) but I do not understand how to activate the chord-modifiers that populate the bottom part of the module. Can anyone give me some insight as to what I may be doing wrong? It may be as simple as the module is broken. Thanks in advance for any help.

Yeah, it looks broken to me. Or I just don’t understand how it works. Seems like outputs 1-4 are at least responsive to “inversion” and “voicing” attenuvertors, voices 5-8 only change with the offset or a different note on the input

The buttons don’t do anything at all.

Sorry, can’t help you at all. Maybe try Diktat by Bidoo, haha. It kinda does the similar fancy chords things if you want 9th and 11th. Doesn’t do diminished and augmented stuff though… Well, You can also try writing it by hand or randomizing at NoteSeq by JW


It looks broken to me, or I do not understand how it works and there is no manual.

I recommend that you try the Aaron Static ScaleCV and DiatonicCV modules. I have had very good luck with them and there is a rudimentary manual.

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Alright, so it works in VCV 1, not in VCV 2.

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Good stuff. I’ll look at Diktat. Been creating my own things using 4 hands. Thanks.

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Argh! Of course.

Aaron Static stuff is fantastic.

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