Dbiz bench and remix

I try to understand these modules, it looks intresting but i don t know how to use these and what is their strengh

maybe you can unlight me? thanks you

Remix is based on this module :


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I’ve played with bench a little bit but don’t understand it fully.

The top section mostly works vertically. From left side there is a mult - one input at the top feeds 3 outputs underneath it. The first fader (under the UNI/BI switch) controls the level of the outs.

Next across is the built in LFO. Again pretty simple, rate is the speed of the LFO, you can change the shape, and has an output at the top with a level control slider underneath it all.

Next across are two attenuators (A1 and A2) with in and out, as well as level control sliders underneath. There are two more (above the +5v/LFO switch) which are B1 and B2.

In between A2 and B1 is a crossfading mixer. The output above the FADE A/B is controlled by the LVL knob and the slider beneath it cross fades between A and B.

I don’t really understand what the IN A and IN B ports do, they don’t seem to do anything as far as I can tell.

On the far right is a swapping thing. Top input goes to bottom out and bottom in goes to top out. Then the button below them all swaps the outputs.

I think the bottom section is just more of what’s at the top. There’s a swap which works the same but the button is on the right side. Then a mult with a level control on the right. And then a crossfade which is controlled by the blue knob on the right.

Get an LFO module and plug it in to different places and put the output into a scope, you’ll soon figure out what does what.

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It’s a clone of the ST Workbench and Toolbox modules, both of which have manuals. Workbench is the top section of Bench, and Toolbox is the bottom section.