DAWs that allow >4 inputs to one Rack Pro Instance?

Are any of you able to route more than four audio inputs into one instance of the Rack Pro or Rack Pro FX plugin? If so, in what DAW, and how do you do it?

I am trying to integrate my Eurorack modular with Rack Pro. To do that optimally, I need to get multiple audio channels from my audio interface into one instance of Rack Pro. My regular DAW is Digital Performer (v 10.13), which allows me to use the Rack FX 16 plugin to get two inputs (but not an additional two from the sidechain input, which would make four inputs to Rack FX–I think the lack of sidechain inputs for Rack FX within DP is a bug).

The Audio Inputs from the “Audio 16” Rack module don’t “publish” to DP, and I can’t get audio into them, even though it seems to be the intended purpose for that module.

Using the trial version of Bitwig Studio, I could get four inputs (two inputs to the FX version, and another two to the sidechain input) to one instance of Rack Pro. I think I got to the same point with the trial version of Reaper. But I couldn’t set up either DAW to route more than four audio inputs to one Rack Pro instance (could be user error). I saw a comment on the web that Ableton Live might allow this (I am willing to get a new DAW if necessary to solve this problem).

Have any of you managed to set up >4 audio inputs in any DAW? Or, asking this another way, does the “Audio 16” module work as it should for inputs?

There is thankfully no problem getting 16 outs from one instance of Rack Pro to any of the DAWs.

I would appreciate any help any of you might be able to provide.



Reaper should do that.

Yes, the important step is you have to set the extra inputs/outputs in the FX window, it defaults to 2 in/2 out.

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Yes, after setting “Track channels” to 16 the matrix should look like that:

Thanks, Ahornberg and main.tenant.

In Reaper, I have set the plugin connector (pin router) in the FX window to 16 in and 16 out. From there, I can route the 16 outs no problem. But I can’t get the in’s to work. I’ll keep going over the Reaper manual; I guess I’m missing something.

Should be as simple as

Go to track setting as sidechain ‘source’ e.g. audio track with a kick.

Route audio to the ‘destination’ VCV track, e.g. 1/2 → 3/4

Meaning the stereo 1 and 2 channels of your source go to 3/4 on the destination (the Reaper track with the plugin)

In VCV you should then get audio signals from Audio-16 on the ‘from device’ outputs 3 and 4.

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In Reaper, I have track 1 called “VCV Rack” with the VCV plugin attached and track 2 called “audio track” and on this track I have a send to track 1, audio channel 15/16:


Yes and the corresponding audio left and right outputs should come out of Audio-16 “From device” ports 15 and 16 i.e. the bottom right ports of the module.

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Thank you, both–I got it working in Reaper–whew! Your directions and illustrations really helped!



Good stuff. If there’s a setup you use a lot with VCV with a number of tracks sent in and out of it I find it’s handy to use Reaper’s ability to set up track and project templates.

Thanks, I’ll definitely do that.

The latest version of Reason Studio now provides 16 audio input channels.

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