Dark and Gray themes broken in update?

Hi. I usually use the dark theme in the forum. This morning all text was virtually unreadable. Also the gray theme is fairly undreadable. Only the light theme makes readable text but even using that things seem… funky. Has there been an update to the forum software that could cause this?

hmmmm., I am using dark and it looks fine as always. Did some update on your system (browser et al) maybe cause this?

No updates. Looked fine yesterday, today not so much.

Damn… I just did a hard-refresh (again again) and now dark mode looks fine. Could have been browser extensions silently updating in the background, or something. So, never mind… I guess :slight_smile:


I’ve forgotten which OS you are on. For me, this morning on Windows, the taskbar colors were all messed up and mostly black on black. I rebooted and everything was okay. Yesterday my Firefox browser was acting bizarrely. A reboot fixed it as well as came up with a new version of Firefox.

It concerns me that I quite often seem to be encouraged via dysfunction to reboot by either MS or Firefox seemingly having updates of some type. Searches of the update logs fails to shed any light on what forced the reboot.

I’m probably unusual as I go a long time between restarts since I just put my machine to sleep every night rather than turning it off.

The community forum has been going down and up and down and up for me for the past several minutes.

Me too.

I didn’t even realise there was a dark theme. It’s so much better, thanks for pointing it out!