DARK AMBIENT patch from scratch [NO TALKING]

So I ended up with somewhere in between Lustmord and Treha Sektori (both are famous old and modern dark ambient acts) atmosphere. Really would like to add some more textures to the sounds but keep them dark as possible but there is a real lack of this tools in VCV Rack free modules (I believe best practice would be use kind a tape saturation VST plugins like CHOWdsp tape (what we have in VCV Rack under this name really can’t compete with VST version unfourtenately) but still I think that VCV Rack is way better starting point making any kind of ambient music (especially ambient music) because nothing restrict you to do anything as such things as time domain playhead or digits of project timer. I personally very like that workflow.


Totally agree, and happy accidents are also more likely to happen :slight_smile:

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