DanTModules V1.1.0 Release [New Module: TMNT]

Hello all, hope 2021 is treating you kindly.

I finally managed to finish off coding a new module for my plugin on Superbowl Sunday, and it should now be live in V1.1.0 of the plugin.

The new module “TMNT” is a kind of trigger sequencer. It has 64 steps in 8 groups of 8, arranged in a square grid.

There are separate BPM parameters for X and Y.

The module can be run forwards and backwards, or manually stepped either way.

The steps can be manually toggled, or CV can toggle the steps if the corresponding inputs have signals > 0.

There are trigger outputs for each column and row, for when a step becomes active, and a combined trigger for any active step. There are X and Y BPM trigger outputs, and finally 0 to 10volt outputs for the X, Y and Step values.

There are two special sections of buttons; Mutate & Shift, 8 buttons each, one for each direction.

Mutate will change the state of the steps in the active directions. There are 3 mutate types, + turns the step on, - turns the step off, and in the middle is toggle.

Shift will cause the active step to jump in the active directions when either X or Y progress.

I am currently working on updated documentation with demo videos and will post here once ready.

Enjoy! Any feedback, suggestions or bug reports are welcome


I love your Wavulike module - both for its capabilities, but also for its wonderful colour hue! :slight_smile: Will have to dig into this new module ASAP. Thanks for making this!

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Posted up a Demo TMNT video

The changelog has been updated

I am still working on the documentation, but I have posted a list of the module controls in the meantime

very nice! seems a nice tool for controling short phrases but will sure tomorrow while testing, thanks!