DanTModules New Releases Thread

I’ve not made a release in github before, if you could give me a little pointer in the right direction I’ll give it a try

I won’t be at my main computer for a while (work meetings). I think you just click on the”releases” tab. I’d ask the google.

Ah no worries, yes it is that simple, but I had the releases tab turned off :woozy_face:

Ok, I have now created a github release with the latest vcvplugin and will update releases in future to avoid confusion

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New release that includes the Wavulike Auto-Duck feature

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Finally finished off some things I have been working on for a while on Sunday, so I have published a new release

Heh heh, check me out turning a triangle wave into a Batman’s head wave


Hi Dan, these are some fine additions to your modules :+1:

Thanks, I’m glad you like them… here is a little demo patch using the new Billy G8s module

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Do you need someone to build on Mac Dan? Either way the updates look good!

Thanks for the offer, but actually I have finally updated my iMac and have the build env working…

I have updated the release with the Mac build

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Thanks Dan! Love your work!

v2.3.0 has been pushed to the library and is available now!dantvcv2


Nice work Dan!

Started working on a new module to go with the Bright-Idea for my next DanTModules release

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Excited for Nonaquant! I think at the moment the only other module that can do this (without resorting to Scala files) is Customscaler from noobhour, but I’m liking your interface more.

Edit: also Customscaler hasn’t yet been ported to Rack v2.

v2.3.2 of DanTModules (including Bright-Idea & Nonaquant) is available now from the library & the documentation has had an mvp update (I know my docs suck, if you have any capacity or desire for better docs, please consider contributing, details in the README.md)


amazing work on NONAQUANT Dan! And here is my appreciation of it!


mine as well, lovely soothing patch

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Much appreciated “extended quantizer”, Dan, I also liked it, especially in combination with my eternal favorite Cookies by computerscare ) +Just one thought/suggestion - I would love to see ALL notes played at once instead of only selected channels :wink: