DanT.Synth Noodles

Most of my synth non-sense goes up on instagram

But, occasionally I post longer bits to my YouTube, so I figured I would create a thread for them, since my sub count is literally 3 right now and the algorithm hates my content :smiley:

Here are my two recent VCV rack pieces:

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You’ve got four, now. I like. I will have to try your modules out…

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Todays new video


When I patch… I mostly patch generative noise/ambient/drone stuff.

I feel I have succeeded if I can just leave the patch running for hours and hear new things.

Since I feel I did indeed succeed tonight and last night, I decided to steam my patches to youtube

So if you are interested, you can check out my zero polish, zero interaction, zero commitment streams both live and after the fact…

Last nights stream:

and tonight’s stream:

Livestreaming a generative path that I find quite nice on YouTube