DAHDSR Envelope Generator

On my Wishlist for Modules I’d Like To See; a DAHDSR EG from VCV based on the existing ASDR EG - I love the graphic display and the simplicity of it.

I know there’s one from Surge XT (LFO x EG), which is great, but I feel that this would fill a hole.


Sound like a job for @DaveVenom !

I’ve been thinking of creating an envelope generator, and toyed with the idea of DAHDSR. I think Bogaudio has one.

My goal is per stage variable response curves (assuming the underlying segments are linear), that has precise timing that can be easily controlled via CV. I have struggled with most existing EGs to compute necessary CV needed to get the behavior I want.

I like the graphics of the VCV ADSR. But I’m not sure I want to tackle that extra layer of complexity.

I just realized the VCV graphic is a bit confusing when the gate goes low before the decay phase has finished. The graphic assumes the release starts from the sustain level. But of course the sustain level may not be reached during the decay phase before release. The VCV level indicator “dot” immediately jumps to the top of the displayed release curve and then holds while it waits for the actual level to fall to that point. It had me thoroughly confused at first. I’m not sure what a better design would look like.

So make what you want to make and leave off the eye candy.

Oh man I totally agree. And while we’re on the subject, an ADBDR envelope would also be cool. Instead of maintaining a constant level in the sustain segment, the envelope decays as in a piano. I do this usually by mixing 2 EGs, but it would be nice to have it in one module.

Wait, I think this can be done with Shapemaster, nevermind. :smiley:

The hold on the Bogaudio module acts in a different way, it’s not a hold after the attack.

Any kind of envelope shape can be done with ShapeMaster, it’s a beast and the ADBDR envelope would work well. For my purposes though, I need to be able to change the nodes from a Patchmaster control panel, and animate the curve.

Is there a way to use shapemaster polyphonically, besides splitting and merging before going in and then out, using 8 identical settings ?

I’m not sure, I think the Pro version can do it with uMeld. @steve ?