Daft Punk Memories

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I can’t believe it, but it has already been two years since Daft Punk officially split. They released Epilogue on this day in 2021. Had they continued producing under their Daft Punk name, this would be their 30th year since their start in 1993!

As many of us know, Daft Punk was and still is incredibly influential in their genre and in music as a whole. On that note, let’s take a minute in this thread to share our favorite Daft Punk memories: favorite songs, albums, performances, etc. I look forward to seeing what gets shared.

And, of course, let’s celebrate with their latest video, because Rollin’ & Scratchin’ is a banger.

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Still lovin’ that early Revolution 909 track for its vibe and punchiness, and Veridis Quo for its bittersweet mood.

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They go with force on the peak saturation

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I can’t believe it. They just announced the RAM 10th anniversary album.

Yeah…the went all the way and spent a million dollars to create the best produced album ever.

Check out “The making of…” story on Sound On Sound (2013).

Recording Random Access Memories | Daft Punk

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Yeah, I heard it was super expensive. It’s personally my least favorite of their albums, as I’m more of a Homework, HAA and Discovery fan, but it’s hard not to appreciate the work that went into it. They also did the Tron Legacy soundtrack, which is so cool since they had a full orchestra with their synths as well.