Cycling MIDI mapping -> PatchMaster? (maybe with stoermelder?)


I’ve been trying to figure out how to have a macro that cycles between MIDI mappings that are hooked up to Patchmaster

Here’s an image of some scaffolding so you can see what I’m after (haven’t mapped any parameters because I’m not sure how to actually go about doing what I want to do, I’ll describe it after)

So I’m imagining having the MIDI controls of the LaunchControl mapped with MIDI-CAT to the PatchMaster in the topmost row and having that stored somehow. And then having a second set of mappings stored somehow to the PatchMaster on the lower row. And then being able to press Q/W respectively to switch between those mappings.

Is this possible? If so, how?! I’ve played around with STRIP, 8FACE and MIDI-CAT MEM and can’t figure it out

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hello, i suppose you can use Mem-expander for this ?

As far as I can tell, the issue with this is that the MEM expander is for cycling parameter mapping sets between single instances of modules rather than across sets of modules. So this would work if I was just talking about using a single PatchMaster instance here, but there are actually 8 PatchMaster module instances per the templating for the LaunchControl on each row.

I might be wrong though?

yes, i suppose you’re right and best way is to ask the dev ( i just see you do it :wink:

I think the easiest would be using 8FACE with MIDI-CAT. You should be able to switch “presets” (in your case mappings) of MIDI-CAT this way. Let me know if it works…

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Thanks for the reply @stoermelder

It’s working if I use 8FACE (I was trying to use 8FACE mk2 before and it doesn’t work with this for some reason) edit: sorry it is working with mk2 also, I’d just neglected to bind the module

so that’s great, cheers!

I also had to enable the “Clear mapping slots” flag under the “Preset load” menu of MIDI-CAT too to resolve issue with leftover mappings, so that’s what that’s there for, thanks so much!

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Hey, sorry to necro but this works as a one-off but it doesn’t seem to work with STRIP so there appears no way to import patch parts like this?

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Did u ever figure this out