cycle I : paralarvae, by panğyu

Hey everyone :vulcan_salute:

I just released my debut album on bandcamp :clown_face:

It is an arrangement of sound excerpts from impromptu sonic experimentation recorded throughout the year.

( Not so) arbitrary fragments of idle melodies, hypnotic dead_ends, gentle granular rains, sub_frequency drifts, assembled together in an album_non_album.

It’s more like a re_collection of sonic memories of this year than an actual album really :slightly_smiling_face:

I used mostly my tiny Eurorack setup (Lifeforms SV-1, Plaits and few more utilities), Organelle, and Microgranny with sequencing, modulation and FX help from VCV Rack.

You can listen it here;

Hope you enjoy it, and do not hesitate to comment. I am only making music since few years (have a visual artistic background) and very interested about what you think.

Cheers and enjoy :blue_heart:

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Love it, well done, the throw away bits are sometimes the best bits!!! Merry Christmas, wherever you are enjoy it!

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Thanks, you too :vulcan_salute:

this is great.


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Glad you enjoyed it X

I created a %50 discount code for people that enjoyed the album and consider buying and supporting it.

code: vcv50

Thanks :pray: :purple_heart: