cv to sysx

Would it be possible to have a module that would convert cv to sysx messages, so you can control external midi synths from Rack? I am using (amongst others) an Oberheim M1000, and it would be great to modulate (for instance) filter freq or sustain.


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MIDI SysEx is not possible in Rack v1 but will be available in Rack v2 according to the feature request on GitHub (I opened it myself some time ago). That been said it needs only a minor change in Rack‘s code to allow SysEx messages, you can use your own custom build for that if you like.
Obviously there are currently no modules which support SysEx.

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Thank you. I am not a builder, so I’ll see what V2 will bring. But I understand you think it will be possible?

Also interested in the possibility of sending sysex messages from VCV!

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That would be cool indeed.

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Any word on if this has been implemented?

Yes. It was a bug in Rack v1 which prevented SysEx messages passing through, but I’m not sure if any developer used it in Rack v2 yet.

I plan to use sysex in one of my modules and I will share my experiences here.

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I’d be interested to hear about this. Does this mean it’s possible (already) in Rack2? I assumed from reading threads it wasn’t possible and hadn’t investigated further.

I can’t tell you now because I didn’t try it out so far.