CV to Program Change


Can someone tell me if there’s a module that will output Program Change messages from VCV Rack? I’d like to use voltages from a VCV module to change patterns on the Beatstep Pro.

23Volts had their MIDI-PC module in v1 but looks like it has not migrated to v2. I use it to control program changes in hardware synths under VCV control, but hit a wall at bank changes.

you can build it from git

 git clone --branch 2.0

VCV Manual - Building

And helpfully:

Thanks Lars. I think building a module is a bit beyond me. :slight_smile:

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Let us know if it works, I think I’ll be playing with that down the line as well…

Yes - it works. That’s great, thanks. Just need to play with it for a bit to work out how to tame it now. :smiley:

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I used three of the 23Volts Midi-PC modules, with some sample and hold and bernoulli gates, to switch between four basic patterns (and some empty ones) on each of the BSP’s sequencers. Makes for some nice generative randomness. I don’t like the rather lame randomness functions that Arturia gave the BSP, so it’s great that VCV can really put the thing to work. :slight_smile: