CV into VCV Rack howto?

If I want to send CV from an external program - not a hardware controller - into VCV Rack what is the best approach ?

I want to send frequency values from OpenMusic into Rack. OM has a scheduler but I have no knowledge of its internals. OM also has an OSC class, perhaps that could help ? I assume that OM’s frequencies would need conversion to CV, is that a correct assumption ?

I have no idea if what I want is possible, obviously I’m at the information gathering stage. Any critique, clarification, or suggestion for further research is appreciated.



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If you can export to midi from OM then loopMIDI.

Thanks, Phil, I’ve already got the MIDI part squared away, OM’s fairly straightforward about that by using PortMIDI. But I’m trying to avoid pitch bend as a solution, I want finer control over the frequencies.

OM was not designed as a realtime environment. Some time ago the devs introduced what they called “reactivity” to the system, which essentially lets OM respond to incoming data. I want to do the reverse to allow OM control of VCV Rack.

Btw, this is all very new and foggy to me, I’ve never tried any realtime programming. And did I mention that OM’s development language is Lisp ? :fearful:

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The only thing i ever heard about LISP is that it stands for List of Insane and Stupid Parentheses :rofl:

I not know Open music, if you have Jack you can send the cv directly to the vcv audio module , also, Carla have some plugins to convert cv to cc and viceversa


I did a lot of coding in Scheme/Guile for Bill Schottstaedt’s SND project, also with Rick Taube’s Common Music, so I’m not totally unfamiliar with it.

Btw, I heard the joke as “Lots of Irritating Silly Parentheses”. :slight_smile: