CV Crossover?

I have a generative sequence that is controlling a single voice oscillator and producing a melody across 5 or 6 octaves. I’d like to split the sequence to control two oscillators, and for all notes below C4 to go to the v/oct of oscillator one, and everything above C4, to send to the v/o of oscillator two.

I’ve seen lots of questions answered about how to limit CV values, and have tried Fence, Duke, and a few other modules that were recommended for limiting CV values, but they just squashed all of the notes into a smaller CV range, which resulted in a much busier melody inside of the set range.

I want to disregard all notes outside of two set ranges, similar to using a crossover or HP/LP filters to isolate two desired frequency ranges.

Maybe this can be accomplished with utility modules. Not sure.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Maybe try Impromptu Part.

Melody goes to both, but at the split point gates are sent to low or high voice. Then you could actually sample hold the melodies with those gates, so just the proscribed notes go to each.

Another way is with Count Modula’s Slope Detector. You set a split point and you get over under gates that could be used with a couple VCA to split the melody.


Any two ways switch (in this case one in two outs) and a comparator, set on the voltage representing the note you want to be the split, that would work.

I was thinking along the same lines. Maybe something like this?

Compare to split by pitch_20240315

Well a vca will shut the entering voltage down, so it will go to 0v and end up being a C, you’ll need a sample and hold for each path, and VCAs for the gates, I think.

The VCAs would be for gating the audio of one or the other oscillator. The pitch would drive the decision for one or the other in Compare. Where would you place the S&H?

He means in the v/oct path


I haven’t used it, but doesn’t this do what you need?

Thanks for your input everyone. I tried out the comparator trick with a pair of s&h’s on the cv’s and a pair of vca’s on the gates. It’s close, but not exactly what I was hoping for. But it’s very possible that I’m doing something wrong. Still experimenting and will circle back.

I had high hopes for Fence, but it seems to be designed for adifferent purpose.

Let’s say I have a 16 notes sequence, with eight notes below C4 and eight notes above C4.

Fence can squeeze all 16 notes between a given range, like C2 and C4.

Why I’m hoping for is two separate CV outs - one with the notes below 8 low notes, another with 8 high notes.

@cubistguitar Thanks, I’ll try those!

For some strange reason your message didn’t show up until now, but I saw all of the other replies. Thanks!

Could you not just run the same output to two instances of Fence? Like a virtual banana cable, I do this all the time.

:person_facepalming: Yes, I could. Thank you!

It sounded like the Impromptu module does exactly what you want, but I don’t think you mentioned if you tried it or not?