CV control over window pan and zoom

I’m sure I have seen a module that gave CV control over VCV’s pan and zoom settings, maybe via save and restore. But I cannot find it. Was this a rack v1 module that did not make it to v2? Any ideas?

GOTO maybe? I don’t remember seeing any other modules that can do that, but I am not one of those users that subscribes to all free plugins


Bingo - that is the one!

I even looked at the Stoermelder collection, but failed to see it.



Always work buggy for me, whatever position I think I have saved it jumps to a different kind of spot, like I don’t know how to use it, which just may be the case. I like Stroke and it’s an ability to zoom in on a module or zoom out to all or zoom halfway in to see other intertwined modules, never could get a consistent move with Goto.


Yeah, I remember struggling with GOTO in the past. But I think I have it figured out now.

It remembers and restores the zoom level, but the pan is dependent on the current position of the selected reference module. It is working well when I use the “module centering” option - it restores my zoom level and centers the module as I expect.

For my use case it is important that I can control the zoom level. Stroke has a limited number of zoom options that don’t meet my needs.

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there’s Shaker also.

Buggy for me - I tried to use multiple instances to jump to different module groups and back again - between PatchMaster controls and the module group they are related to. First couple of jumps is sometimes ok, then random. I contacted Ben and he is aware.