CV-CC Embedding?


To send cc to tr09, using the cv-cc that works great but I have each time look at my midi implementation chart I made.

So I came with an idea to create a CV-“tr09” CC but with dedicated CC’s.


  1. Can I legally do this? …

Is this a VCV module with the artwork from a Roland device? If so, you can’t really do that without permission. Find the written “rules” for VCV. If it’s not a VCV module, what is it?

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That’s a simple preview I made to demonstrate what I want, :sweat_smile:

You can definitely use VCV’s code as a base for your own stuff, just mind that it’s licensed under the GPL3, so you have to license it similarly.

What’s not ok is reproducing the trade dress of existing products without authorization, if you do that you won’t be accepted in the library. But with an original design and name it should be fine.


Your last design looks fine. The first one obviously infringes on Roland property so you can’t use those graphics.

In Rack v2, include/app/MidiWidget.hpp will include a function

void appendMidiMenu(ui::Menu* menu, midi::Port* port);

which allows you to append a MIDI device menu to your module’s context menu. You’d use it like

struct MyModuleWidget : ModuleWidget {
	void appendContextMenu(Menu* menu) override {
		MyModule* module = dynamic_cast<MyModule*>(this->module);
		appendMidiMenu(menu, &module->midiPort);

This way, you don’t need the on-panel LED display for configuring the MIDI device.

In Rack v1, I suppose you could just use the LED display MidiWidget on your panel.

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