Custom Module Finder

Hi All, in many videos I watch on VCVRack, it seems that there’s a quick module finder available that opens in more of a file explorer type of view without the module images. Is that a custom plugin or a setting somewhere?


This module may be what you’re looking for perhaps:

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That’s pretty cool but not the one I saw. The one I saw had multiple columns, like the finder window on the Mac.

probably “MyLittleTools”.

a screenshot would help a lot to determine if it was in VCV Rack. It might be that you seen this in an unofficial fork of VCV Rack?

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This is from a video by ModularCuriosity. He uses in all his videos. I’ve outlined this module explorer in red.

That’s the pre-v1 browser. The module linked above can make it look like that, look in the right click.

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Yes like Troublemind said and earlier Marc, that is the old browser.

You can use the MB module from Stoermelder, but i don’t think it will do that exact “file browser type” view.

@stoermelder Ben can you elaborate on that?

This is the browser of v0.5. I have currently no plans of porting this one over to MB.
Does anyone want it?

No, I like MB just as it is now. :+1:


OT: did someone tell you your modules are amazing…well, your modules are amazing!


You might be talking about Stoermelder MB, which is in fact, that tits. You are probably talking about an older version of VCV or a Mac version. I honestly prefer the drag down option, and I’m trying with very little effort, to petition for dragdown to come back, or at least to be available for windows users.

Who’s with me?*

*this is my first actual attempt

What do you mean by that?

Wow, The guy who could make it happen! Well, when I watch older VCV videos, like “Modular Curiosities,” for instance, the bloke behind the camera (in front of it, but not included? Using the mouse anyway) Generally clicks the top of the screen and drags a menu down to find a module, rather than right clicking and faffing about in a maze of the 2200 + modules that may or may not be in his favorites (thanks to you and MB; we love MB). I want this option.
With a favorites menu included as well.

Cheers, Josh NT

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the problem with the default right click module browser for me as a mac user is that it seems to be highly graphic intensive especially when i scroll through aria’s modules which cause it to freeze up for a second while they load up when i have a decent sized patch running. i even use an eGPU and the default right click module browser kicks the fan up a notch and things start to get warm everytime i scroll through it. but im happy with Bens MB option.