Curious why menu not accessible with keyboard

Would be great to not have to rely on the mouse to use the VCV Rack menu. Like being able to use (in Windows) Alt-F O to do File Open or to use the arrow keys to go to different menu options. But the menu just doesn’t respond to the keyboard. Not only that, but even using the mouse is awkward (you can’t mouseover the different menu items and have to click twice to go from one main menu header to the next e.g., if View is open and you want to open the Engine menu, you have to click Engine twice).

Why is this behavior so “non-standard”? Inquiring mind wants to know!


Purely to make you unhappy.

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Thanks, I figured it was some kind of cross platform issue (although the thread was closed by Andrew without response after mentioning how to submit a bug report.) Oh well…

Submit a bug report then at