Curious about the Malekko VCV modules


I am quite excited by the prospect of playing with the Malekko plugins in VCV, especially since I am thinking about starting my first euro system and using a varigate-8+ as the sequencer. Is there an estimate of the release date? Should we expect them along Rack 2.0?

Thanks in advance!


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Yes, I am also wondering this :slight_smile:

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A few people asked this question also in the Facebook group, and my uninformed guess is that they might be released with Rack v2 in a couple of months. It’s just a guess though, I’m not speaking for Andrew of course.

Rack 2 is in a couple of months?! Wowzers

The words “couple of months” should be taken to mean anything greater or equal to two :-). Andrew mentioned that the v2 source code could be made public in january, then it will likely be a little while more before the devs port their modules and test the new code.

Andrew has said early 2020 for V2, with Rack for Daws shortly after.

Very nice! Then I guess that the arrival of Rack 2 becomes even more exciting to me!