Cumsleg Borenail

Just release this previous album on spotify, all constructed in the rack

Leeds Brexiteer Honey Barons provide a slick chiptuned mess that somehow meets the requirements of the IDM scene…maybe not!. credits

George Rees - the entire thing Cumsleg Borenail - Mastering

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We just released this, apparently the noise was produced with VCV rack modules then imported into FL Studio. awesome EDM goodness.

Created all the wubs in vcv rack then exported to reaper

yxzt-6xp6 yqtt-kvby y8ny-k9df tkdz-69xa 2yqz-kzmb at8u-6zkw kz4v-kjg9 kyer-6krz zk6d-ykh6 zzyc-u9qy ztkq-e9kr yky9-3tzl 3ykk-cnkj wtyk-xezk pktt-j389 83zt-kw7z tdty-k4p6 jfzz-b96k 6w2z-xzz9 zhmk-jtkz zqrk-kbz6 z8x2-6hkk ykca-kvg9 yyjb-k9rz ytgl-g9h6 tzk4-uzqy tyyj-ezkr kkxk-k6la uzqt-66vb vy82-kkzw fkzw-k994 lntq-696m 4az9-yz96 e7tk-bz6k gwnk-x6z9 ys5t-jgkz tq7t-k3z6 tgw3-6xkk jkkz-jrg9 6nyz-kdfz

redeem the bandcamp codes here: Borenail Records

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Definitely the weirdest video and music I’ve seen and heard in a while. Nice.

Wow - I can’t watch it - too disturbing… … which is an impressive feat. I certainly didn’t turn it off because I was bored. Hence the like (I like that you could produce something that disturbed me that deeply)

Whenever I visit this thread I’m always reminded of this meme - I keep coming back though :slight_smile:

The ‘Last of the summer wupp’ video above is… engrossing. Disturbing and fascinating in equal measure.