CroZPatching Youtube Channel

Hello there,

Shameless plug here, but I just started a Youtube Channel in which I primarily focus on VCV and try to tacke a more “West coast” and Sounddesign approach using VCV and Hardware (Eurorack and Buchla)

If that sounds interesting to you, why not check it out? :slight_smile:


I just released a Video talking about the Dual Pulser by Nysthi. Get some more freaky Rhythms into your patches! I hope to see you there and see what you guys come up with using this technique.


This time I did a tutorial about making your own morphing filter. The VCV Spectra is amazing, but we need more Buchla filters in our life! If you agree, why not check out the video?


We are going hybrid this time! In this Video Im show you guys how to properly use VCV as a midi source to control your hardware synths. If you are planing to use some outboard gear, this might get you started :slight_smile:

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To get more Sounds West coast style out of VCV, we are looking down memory lane to create a Buchla 100 Style voice. Happy exploring some wild FM sounds :slight_smile:


Little bump for those who are new here. I got a tutorial channel about how to create Buchla sounds in VCV. Come check it out if it sounds interesting to you :slight_smile: