Crostini ARM build?

I’ve moved to an 8-core arm with 12 hrs battery life …

Is there any news on maybe an arm build?

i’m regularly building it (and running it successfully) on both 32bit and 64bit arm linux, i’m just no longer providing binary builds due to the fuzzy licensing situation around such - if you want to build yourself, you maybe try to use my build setup: GitHub - hexdump0815/rack-dockerbuild-v2: docker based build based on the vcvrack v2 sources on armv7l and aarch64 on ubuntu 18.04 and raspbian bullseye

best wishes and good luck - hexdump


On the other side of the pond :bird: ARM builds have been a thing since the start, with recently even RISC-V ones too.

The license situation makes modified, redistributable builds of Rack quite difficult. If you fork Rack in order to fix or change stuff, it is no longer the official VCV Rack and thus you cant use their artwork/panels. You might have some luck with GitHub - Rcomian/Rack: Open-source virtual modular synthesizer - my mutlithreaded engine version because I like large patches though this free fork is quite outdated now

I don’t understand this one, can you clarify? I know you’re not allowed to change the panels and distribute them, but if you fork Rack, don’t change anything on the panels and distribute it, what licenses are you violating?

Sure, let me try to go step by step.
Do tell if you find my logic seems to be wrong to you.

So first, VCV and its logo have copyrights attached to them.
VCV Rack licensing states:

The VCV logo and icon are copyright © 2017 VCV and may not be used in derivative works.

They dont want you to use their name in something that they didnt make. Fair enough.

Now imagine someone does a fork or something that is obviously not official.
The Core modules (and Fundamental) contain the VCV logo, so we are expected the remove them from the panel designs as we are not allowed to use in “derivative works”.

This is already the problem. The VCV Rack license has the following:

The visual design of the Core modules is copyright © 2016-2021 VCV and licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Commercial use and derivative works are not allowed.

So we are not actually allowed to modify the Core module design, the “ND” in “CC BY-NC-ND” means non-derivatives.
The problem is that we need to remove the VCV logo in order to have a custom version of Rack, but we cannot modify the files that contain the logo because they contain ND clause.

Solution is to replace the Core and Fundamental module panels with something new (which is also not visually identical). The FreeRack fork does this, though the new panels are still ND which really sucks for opensource software…


So the logo would be this bit, which is on the VCV panels: image

Yeah, I also think that’s fair enough. If I had made VCV Rack I would probably not want any Tom, Dick and Harry to pass it off as “the official VCV Rack” either. I don’t have a problem with that.

That’s a “nice” bit of catch-22 there. I don’t like this at all. Not the spirit of open source at all if you ask me. The spirit of open source, in my book, would be: “sure you can use this, just replace the logo as we asked”.

Yeah, I guess so. That’s in the “pointless work” department if you ask me.

So, thinking out loud - If I wanted to fork Rack, make what I think are good improvements to it, and distribute it, I think what I would need to do is:

  • Remove the appearence of the “VCV” name from the UI and logs, and call it something else, say “my improved Rack”.
  • Remove any instances of the VCV logo and icon from the application itself.
  • Make a new panel design for the modules in the Core plugin.
  • The Fundamental plugin I would just leave out of the application bundle. It’s in the library now and people can just get it as is, like any other plugin.

That would be it, right?

What’s that? Do you have a link?

Yeah, it’s dawning on me that ND on artwork is a bad fit for open source software. Do you think it should just be GPL like any other code, perhaps still with the clause that you can’t use the name and logo? I’m interested in your point of view. Thanks.

As usual, I think @LarsBjerregaard is correct here. If one were to make new panels that had nothing to do with the VCV ones, one could license the new panels however they want. Just like canrdinal did, I think?. Could one use the current cardinal panels for a new fork of VCV? I don’t see why not…

Not that this sounds easy, or worth while. Just pursuing the theocraticals here.

this one GitHub - Rcomian/Rack: Open-source virtual modular synthesizer - my mutlithreaded engine version because I like large patches

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Thanks. I see it’s a Rack 1.x version. I think anything older than 2.x is irrelevant now, but you mentioned it only in the context of the panels of course. I think the Core plugin panels are not ND in Cardinal, right? So like Squinky says, for any modern fork of Rack it would make sense to use the Core panels from Cardinal. Just to be clear, I’m not actually contemplating a fork of Rack, I’m just trying to get an idea of what it actually entails, if one were to make a fork of a current, stand-alone only Rack.

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Here is what VCV says about the core modules: “The visual design of the Core modules is copyright © 2016-2021 VCV and licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Commercial use and derivative works are not allowed”

It was 8,666 downloads today on the plugin. I;d love to continue development. Cost of new battery for four hour i5 x86 experience plus WXGA replacement > HP 11a ne000na and crostini runs vscode and … It’s quite nice but Android Caustic virtual rack is the only audio easy I have. I could build C (have tools and m68k amiga cross compile experience) but have GitHub - jackokring/www on my mind.

And I’m oft off grid.

It’s not that I still haven’t got it, and when plugged in 2/3 rds of the screen still works :wink: