Cross platform development Mac VM: OpenGL 2.1 issue

Anyone have any success on getting openGL to play nice with Virtual Machines.

I spent the better half of the day installing a Mac VM on my windows 10 using Oracle Virtual Box. Have everything up and running but it is defeat! Apparently opengl 1.0+++ is not possible with the VM. There are workarounds such as using windows xp, vista or win7 and editing registries but not a hope am I even going to bother with these on a whim. Only just formatted the SSD which the old win7 install was on, to make room for the VM also. :angry:

I was hoping the trouble I had just installing the mac.iso and getting through the boot was the least of it. Only reason for installing the VM is to find and track a bug in a couple of my Modules that are crashing on Mac.

VMWare Player works well with a Linux guest; I don’t know about MacOS.

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I was looking at that first but it seemed fairly complicated to set up and use, the website is not the most responsive so that was putting me off. The Oracle VM is really nice to use.

Will have another look at that one!

Installing MacOS on unauthorized hardware breaks their ToS, hence few people have written software to make it work. Since MacOS is a proprietary operating system made by a company that does not want their software installed on non-Apple hardware, they do not offer documentation or source code to allow drivers (such as graphics) to be written to support virtual machine software.

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Tried VMware Player 15.5, there earlier the videos I saw of it in use might have been earlier versions. This is actually much nicer to use, smoother install, better UI and you can assign over 128mb vram, so it is more hopeful than Oracle but still no openGL. I’m not fully giving up on it yet, still one more thing to try which is: enabling my integrated graphics and setting it as primary for windows and using the dedicated NVIDIA GPU for Player.

What @Vortico brought up could well be the issue, though I read that there is workarounds for this. For instance this is how a hackintosh system is built / works, to accommodate and match hardware for the compatibility.

vmware player works great for me to run ubuntu in a vm on windows. From past experience I’d say if you get unlucky with video drivers it can be really difficult to figure out, although that’s more of a linux thing than a VM thing.

Not too worried about linux at the moment but I may set it up anyway, have not received any bug reports for linux.

I have less of a priority with getting this to work now. I believe I have fixed the crash on Mac…

It turns out that macOS has a built-in software renderer for OpenGL, but the windowing library that Rack uses (GLFW) explicitly requires a hardware renderer. That’s why you can’t start Rack in a macOS guest VM on a Windows host.

You can remove the restriction by commenting out this line in the GLFW sources:


and Rack will use the software renderer. It’s not the fastest, but it’s usable if you really really need to make it work.