Cross fade between multiple gate inputs

Looking for a module that will allow me to smoothly cross fade between multiple gate inputs. Idea is for a live performance where I want to smoothly switch between polyrhythmic sequences and more straight 4/4 patterns.

Anything like this exist ?


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wouldn’t any mixer module just do it?
if you use the mindmeld mixer you can set the fade time of the channels (tracks) in the right click menue and just mute/ unmute them.
or you can use the Impromptu Tact modules to fade channels of mixers.

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Bogaudio XFADE? Submarine XF-101?

You definitely want a cross fade rather than a switch? Just asking as using a cross fade with gates means that both sources will be playing at the same time at varying levels as you cross fade between them which may lead to some odd behaviour depending on where you are sending them. A switch with anti-pop might work better.

Also a cross fader tends to fade between 2 sources - whereas it sounds like you want to switch between more than 2 sources?


When working with gates, they can either be on or off, so if you want to work with volume you would have to use separate voices and use a mixer to fade between them, as stated above. But you can “fade” between rhythms doing something like this:

The 2 Fate modules fade between “order” and “chaos” rhythms of a kick and high hat. If you need more voices add more fate modules. The Knobs module controls both Fate modules.

Hope this helps, if its even what you are looking for?

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I just realized that Fate is polyphonic, so this would be a better setup:

Now just turn the dial on the one Fate module to crossfade the rhythms, and you can add up to 16 voices.


I was trying to do this yesterday and used this:


How about Geodesics’ Pulsars?

You can have as few as 2 inputs (audio or CV).

PULSARS is a rotating 8 to 1 and 1 to 8 selectors with crossfade in between each signal. It can be used to create cross fade mix of audio, complex wave tables with CV, standard sequential switch or extreme effects when turning at audio-rate speed.

  • CV and audio processing
  • 8x1 and 1x8 switch selector with fade/morph
  • rotating or random selection
  • Fading curve and speed controlled by external signal
  • CV and audio-rate modulable

A square wave into the “Rotation” jack would give hard switches, a triangle or sine would cross-fade smoothly, and a folded wave goes forward, steps back a bit, then goes forward again.


Thanks so much for the replys everyone, lots to look into here!

@steve The idea would be that, between two gates sources you would have a combination of two gate patterns.

@auretvh I think that’s what i’m after!! Going to give that a go

Yes gotcha. dag2099’s suggestion of Baseliner is definitely worth looking into, it’s kinda like the opposite of a Bernoulli gate - take 2 inputs and randomly determine which one goes to the output.


As is/does Fate and Bivio the bottom one oiviB from Nysthi :sunglasses:

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