Creative uses of noise

Apart from creating snare and hihat sounds which is pretty standard, what are some creative uses for noise?


use noise as background, filtering it with the spectra or parametra, it bring me to the sea, or the space and sometimes it get a percussive thing like rumble trash , I love it

edited ahh! debriatus too, it break the noise , is great

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You should really give Karplus Strong a try, it’s super addictive! Send a burst of noise (experiment with different colors) to a short delay with high feedback, and let the fun begin :slight_smile:


Quantizing a repeating noise figure as a rhythmically S&H’d V/OCT signal and deriving accompaniment from it using probablilistic modules such as Dopamine or Mr. Chainkov. I’ve been playing with Mog’s Simplex Noise module in development to do just that with great results.

edit: quick example of it:


Messed around while waiting for replies and got some interesting vinyl type sound.

Cool! Gonna give it a try. Thanks Omri

Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

I use noise for some effects in my Blade Runner opening cover


With feeding white noise into Plateau, and really messing with the parameters, you can get the sound of rain hitting a metal roof :slight_smile:


I currently can’t launch VCV Rack at the moment to test this but I want to try this:

Oscillator > VCA1 controlled by a clocked envelope

Noise > Quantizer > VCA2 (to act as an attenuater) > S&H using same clock as envelope > stoermelder µMAP > the knob for VCA1

I’m sure I’ve seen Omri add noise to a filter cutoff input.

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I tried it with the fundamental modules and is really cool, I got some sound like persecution snares and metal instruments, bells and strings playing with the feedback but is really complicate to tuning, I got the tunning with the time of the delay but it work inverse, more voltage result lower notes , I need more experiments to make it usable, thanks so much


Colors from Squinky is awesome tool for adding gritty to any CV input, just make sure you prepared attenuverter to reduce its influence on a parameter you want. And sometimes if you can go enough with LP HP filter of white noise (yeah, colors is actually white noise on its center and then LP to the left and HP filter to the right) you can just add for example new slim and not cpu hungry LVCF and chose BP (or even BR or notch filter) and this will affect your noisy modulation for sure.