Creating song with multiple sequencers

I am new to vcv, have been using Logic to create music for years. VCV is amazing but getting out of my way of thinking has been tough

Is there a way to trigger sequencers when the time is right? I read post about using Count Modular 8 x 16 to do this but I can’t get it to do what I want to

Below is a screenshot of what I would like to do (In a rudimentary way). Where the seq is green is where I want it to play, off I want off.

Using the wrong module?

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There are ways to trigger things when the time is right but it can get a bit complicated and the best method will depend on the idiosyncrasies of the particular sequencers you are using - essentially you can sequence sequencers and there are different ways of doing it (you can sequence program changes for example if the sequencer supports that).

What a lot of people find simpler is to think about it differently and to have all your sequences playing all the time and then sequence mutes on a mixer or use gates to open and close VCAs to create the arrangement.

ShapeMaster is a good tool for arrangement and the method is quite familiar if you have come from a DAW environment. Someone made a tutorial about song arrangement with ShapeMaster a couple of weeks back that you might find useful.


There are a couple of sequencers that do the more traditional “DAW” kind of thing. The paid one from Entrian is popular. My free one (Seq++) is very not popular at all. I like it :wink:


I enjoy your other modules, will check it out!

It’s a little weird, but can’t hurt. And, all kidding aside, the Entrian one is probably better (for some things), and for sure more “mouse oriented” whereas mine is more keyboard oriented.

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The SEQ++ and 4x4 look like they should work, just need to get my head around them



ShapeMaster is great for this, but I like to arrange with Encore and Huitre as well. It has mutes and 8 patterns available per sequencer. I sometime use clock dividers with them to send timed signal to other sequencers. The other handy as heck module is 8facemk2 from Stoermelder, not in the rack currently, but you can build easily from the GitHub.

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Or just download the binary .vcvplugin file for your OS from the github repository, and copy it to <Rack user folder>/plugins/

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Impromptu sequencers like Foundry and Gate-Seq 64 are ideal for building complex compositions. You can start and stop different parts of you rpatch by using ML Counter. See:

Whereas there are many ways to do this, my favorite is to set up several instances of CLOCKED with mostly even power of 2 clock divisions all the way down to /96 and use these clock gates to trigger all sorts of sequencers on nice musical time intervals such as N bars, N beats, etc. I chain the CLOCKED modules and use Count Modula MASTER RESET module to sync the clocks and all sequencer modules.

Most often I just use the clock gates to as the sequencer clock input, but sometimes I use switches of various types, including Bernoulli gate. Occasionally I will use the clock to mute/unmute tracks in the mixer.

I also sometimes switch between multiple clocks driving the sequencers’ clock inputs for nice tempo changes on even time boundaries.