creating quadrature from mono output osc

is it possible to create a quadrature output from a mono output oscillator? i’m trying to recreate the modcan FMVDO with a patch, i only need two of the four quadrature outputs (to draw a circle on a scope).

I suppose you could delay the signal. 2 X Freq for 180deg, 4 X Freq for 90deg, etc.

This should help:

I don’t know if this would work or if it will help you at all, but worth a try.

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This actually works extremely well:

The signal is delayed by 180 degrees, so the sine wave cancels itself out (as shown in the second scope). I had to make the delay adjustment -1 sample to make up for the extra cable.

This is with the octave module set to +1 octave. For 90 degrees set it to + 2.

Try replacing the octave module with an LFO :smiley:

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whoa this looks great. i will try it . thank you so much. i guess i dont understand how sending waveguide delay the +2oct cv makes it slide the sine over in phase, ill see if theres documentation on that module

There is very helpful documentation on this module, but not in this context.

Let’s say you have a 2hz signal, it’s wave cycle is 1 sec/2 = 0.5 sec. So if you delay it by 0.5 sec it will be in phase. But if you delay it by 0.25 sec (4 Hz or +1 octave) it will be 180 degrees out of phase. If you delay it by 0.125 sec (8 Hz or + 2 octaves) it will be 90 degrees out of phase. 3 octaves =45 degrees, 4 octaves =22.5 degrees, etc. etc.

Anyway, the octave module does the maths for you, and updates the delay time when you change the note.

I had alot of fun with this, mixing the waves gives some interesting results.


interesting. thank you for writing this! i guess i was assuming changing octaves changed the frequency of the wave. but its sending cv to the waveguide module. will read up on this. really appreciate it! my patch has completely come to life after trying

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