Creating new module (Drum Gate Switch IO)

I’m interested in the idea of combining these modules into a single module:

drum-gates.vcv (2.2 KB)

The resulting module would look similar to the Bogaudio Switch1616, but it would automatically merge the input Gates into the switch with MIDI gates from the Host, if that makes any sense?

I’m not sure what tools I need to actually experiment and compile the code yet, but it shouldn’t be impossible for me to do, since these modules are open source.

Is the reason to make mapping drum MIDI notes to the drum sounds in VCV simpler?

Yes, I want to be able to receive MIDI gates for drums from the MIDI host, and also be able to sequence the drums within VCV Rack, so the two Gates need to be merged. Additionally, the Switch allows any drum gate sound to be routed to any other of the drum channels, for experimentation.

Definitely useful and if you can save the module’s presets a handy way to switch between different flavours of incoming drum MIDI as annoyingly a lot of MIDI drum sequencers don’t adhere to a General MIDI standard where, say, your main kick is on C1, snare on D1 etc, this kind of list…

I’d use it with the output from my trig31 module as that’s decidedly non standard. Have had to use various techniques in different DAWs up to now.

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Let me know if anyone can provide guidance to help me create this new module.