Create "elastic" pitch bend control (flies to back centre on mouse release) ?


This is so I can control Native Instruments Traktor Pro 3 DJ application via MIDI out. I developed a particular effect years ago using some very old DJ software that had a pitch slider that could be pulled down or up to any position by clicking somewhere along the path of the slider. When I released the mouse button the slider would fly back to the centre. I’d like to reproduce this effect. Of course if VCV can do this I’m sure there are other ways of controlling Traktor not to mention routing audio from VCV into it :wink:

“The Auto-return option in the modules’ right menus can be used to momentarily affect the tact pads with the mouse, and have the level return to a prescribed value upon releasing the mouse button”


Thanks so much ! That looks like exactly what I’m looking for :slight_smile:

Here’s an attempt at an XY-controller with “elasticity”

file for Stoermelder strip: XY_Controller.vcvss (6.4 KB)