Crashing after 11 minutes

Hi, I’ve been trying to learn this in the last few days so I may be missing something obvious, but my rack crashes, without any warning or problem that I can see, after it being open/playing for just over 11 minutes.

When I re-open the program is says it may have crashed last time due to a buggy module, but I can’t figure out which one since there’s no problems with anytime until the crash. I’ve been following along with a tutorial( and nothing like this happened in it, so I’m just confused as to what’s going wrong.

I’m on windows 10, vcv rack free 2.4.1

I can’t find any warnings/error/failures in the log either, the only things in it up until the crash are just autosaves

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I recreated your patch to see if it happens to me. It does, and I’m on a Mac so a different OS completely.

I noticed it crashed right away when I was setting the Frequency Range on Tidal Modulator 2. When I set it to red (C3) it crashes. I rebuilt the whole thing again and left that setting til last. Same thing happens.

I see that this module is only used to moderate some settings on Macro Oscillator 2 and Resonator. I left the Frequency Range on green (1/8) and it’s been running for half an hour with no problems.

I have no idea what was causing the crash, but this is a solution.

Nice patch BTW :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help. I did seem quite unusual but I just assumed it was something I didn’t know about since I’m new to thing. Thanks for narrowing it down

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I hope you’ve reported the bug to the developer of the crashing module.

I wonder if that is this bug - Tidal Modulator 2 crashes on Rack v1 · Issue #80 · VCVRack/AudibleInstruments · GitHub.

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If so, it’s still crashing on Rack v2.4.1

Unfortunately the developer doesn’t care about bugs in this plugin so a report would be wasted time.


That’s too bad. Makes Rack like my toolshed, where I still keep some broken tools around because there is still some utility left in them.

There are a lot of terrible modules for rack. Ppl like it that way.

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:-)) I do love my toolshed. Wish I had the workshop to go with it.

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My shed is a nasty little place under the front stairs. But handy for keeping the garden tools.