CPU Usage question

Hello all. I have a question regarding performance. Does any one have an older computer running VCV with no issues? I have the normal issues with cpu when having more than 7 modules. The sound gets horrible its unbearable to hear. I have an older MacPro running high sierra Dual 3.0Ghz Xeon, 32GB of ram. I know it’s an older machine but I would imagine with those specs for it to be able to handle a few more modules. If any one has any tips on how to improve the performance, please let me know I will appreciate the help. Thank you.

  1. read the 1000 other threads on this topic. 2) Turn on VCV the CPU meters and see what’s going on.

This has a few tips, in case you haven’t seen it:

That’s not really a welcoming or helpful reply.


From the VCV Community rules:

Tips for Asking Better Questions

Have you actually searched for “cpu usage”? I see results for development, linux, display issues. The results are not all that helpful.

Besides that, have we turned into the Arch Linux forum where users are too scared to ask a question because the all-knowing veterans will chastise you?

Instead of pointing the user to the rules, or better yet, a helpful answer to their issue, you belittle them? I’m not looking for a fight but I know you’re better than that and a nicer person than that.


Does bumping up the Block size in the VCV “AUDIO” module help at all?

That’s a relatively high spec, so this is probably a software problem (wrong audio driver, buffer size too low, etc.). Can you show a screenshot of your poor-performing patch?

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No worries TroubledMind, I pay no attention to people like Squinky that probably got lunch money taken away from other kids at school and now the he/she has a keyboard, feels like Jesus on steroids. Thank you all for all the suggestions, I will try them and I will post the screenshot of the patch along with cpu usage. Thanks again all, except Squinky.


IMHO, two wrongs do not make a right. EVERYONE here should be civil, courteous and helpful to each other. Or say nothing :wink:


Let’s keep it civil folks.

@Squinky totally fine if you want to point to the rules and help people figure out that searching first on this forum is a good idea but let’s try and be as welcoming to newcomers as possible. Many people who are starting out in any community don’t have the perspective to know the best question to ask. Let’s try and walk in the other person’s shoes for a while.