CPU spikes and buffer drops in Ableton Live via bridge

(Philip) #1

So I tried to set-up VCV rack with ableton Live via bridge and encountered this problem.

Everything seems to be working fine but as soon as I press the play button on a midi sequence or a piece of audio it causes a cpu spike, glitch and buffer drop when the loop ends.

Using the stand alone version works like a charm.

Any ideas?

(Andrew Belt) #2

VCV Bridge is deprecated and unsupported. You should wait for the upcoming Rack plugin for DAWs.

(MaZe6k) #3

In FL Studio it works fine if you set the checkbox “fixed buffer size” in the plugin wrapper options… I assume the same might work in Live. With this option it runs quite nice, but still adds a bit of latency and needs 10% CPU (of one core, I assume).
If you’re lucky your soundcard can route outputs back to inputs, which let’s you use Rack with a DAW with 0% CPU, but this still adds the same amount of latency (4x the buffer size).

(Justin Randell) #4

If you’re on a Mac, use the Audio Unit. It loops properly but you can only use 2 channels at a time… or otherwise Soundflower seems to work.

(Philip) #5

Hi.I just found out that for some reason the Loop switch on Ableton Live was generating this issue. Every single time the loop re-started It would generate a buffer drop. Thanks for your replies.