CPU spike when connected to Supercollider

Hello, I am new to VCV Rack so pardon my newbiness.

In short I want to send CV signals from Supercollider to rack. I set up connection from Supercollider to Audio-8 input through Jack (Linux). But when I do that DSP load spikes super high. CV signal is received (I can see it in scope), but its not usable because of too many xruns.

Most bizzare thing is that CPU spikes even before sending any signal, just by connecting.

Maybe I am doing it with wrong module or smth else?


Greetings !

I think you’re using the wrong module to get your CV out of VCV Rack. I’ve connected VCV Rack to Pure Data and OpenMusic, in those patches I used the cvOSCcv module from the trowaSoft plugin to establish a channel for communication via OSC. Might be a place to start.

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Thanks for an answer.

OSC works fine as u suggest. MIDI too. However I am trying to send from Supercollider to Rack CV directly. For example, I have oscillating sine wave inside Supercollider whose output is sent to Rack which I patch it to control something. But strangely CPU spikes just by connecting Supercollider ouptut to Rack input in patchbay. I am thinking maybe there is some kind of incompatibility in routing itself or JACK problems. Will try to research more.

Ah, my bad, I misread your message. I ran a test with a theremin-like instrument in SC, routed the audio into VCV Rack, got no problems with CPU usage. I use the Skrylar Jack i/o module but the VCV Audio modules should work as well.



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Actually CPU does not spike with Skrylar Jack modules and works perfectly! Thanks

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