CPU poll for Rack 1.0

I’m considering dropping non-AVX support in Rack 1.0, which would mean only CPUs released in 2011+ would be able to run Rack.

The following CPUs support AVX (Sandy Bridge or higher):

  • 2nd+ gen i3, i5, i7 (model number iX-XXXX or iXXXXM)
  • Celeron after 2011
  • Core 2

The following CPUs do not support AVX:

  • 1st gen i3, i5, i7 (model number iX-XXX or iX-XXXM)
  • Most Pentiums
  • Celeron before 2011

If you’re uncertain or if your CPU isn’t listed here (AMD, etc), post your exact CPU or laptop model and I’ll look it up for you.

  • My CPU supports AVX (released 2011 or later)
  • My CPU doesn’t support AVX (released 2010 or earier)

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For users without AVX: Could you state your CPU model?

newer AMD cpus like ryzen, threadripper support AVX/AVX2

I think that’s more than reasonable considering that this type of digital audio emulation requires a reasonable amount of processing power as you ‘push the envelope’ with your patches.

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Intel Xeon CPU E5620 @ 2.40GHz.


My Google-Fu has failed me on instruction sets.

@vortico can you check for my AMD A-10 9600P Radeon R5 please?

Supports AVX. Virtually everything released after 2013 supports AVX.

Gotcha. I can’t even remember when I’ve gotten half of my gear (let alone when it was released) because much of what I have was either a gift or 2nd-hand.

Either way, thanks for checking!

Intel Core i7-2860QM ?

Supports AVX.

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2007 Xeon 5345 dual quad core non-hyperthreaded at 2.33GHz

I’ve got an old computer but I guess young enough.

Mine has AVX, but not AVX-2 (It’s an AMD FX series.)

Mid-2012 Macbook Pro with Ivy Bridge i7 (3615QM).

From what I read this supports AVX. If it does not I vote no to include AVX. It is literally the only laptop model that I know right now that reliably runs Rack for Live use due to its dedicated Nvidia GPU.

One other question I have is whether AVX optimizations have higher general impact than the current OpenGL performance requirements that turn modern laptops into space heaters. Is the performance improvement really noticeable that older hardware has to be locked out with 1.0?

EDIT: Looks like my Linux box does not support it: Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q9650 @ 3.00GHz :frowning: (per /proc/cpuinfo)

Thank you for voting in the AVX CPU poll. The results in the last 12 hours on the forum and Facebook are that 47/321 = 14.6% of users cannot run AVX instructions. The official build of Rack will continue to require only up to SSE2 instructions as it always has been.

This data is valuable for VCV and third-party plugin developers to prioritize adding runtime CPU feature detection and AVX implementations in our plugins. Developers should keep in mind that AVX can improve DSP hotspots like IIR convolution, analog model solving, and polyphonic oscillators by up to about 1.5-1.8x compared to SSE2 (and up to 2.0x for AVX2). If anyone’s interested, open a thread in the development category of the forum and I’ll write up a list of cross-platform methods to elegantly handle CPU feature detection and compiling multiple versions of code.

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Lenovo also has ideabooks that have an optimus setup (= dedicated onboard nvidia, just have to install bumblebee and tell the system to use it.)

Intel Core i5-2410M

AMD FX_8370… I think it supports AVX_1

amd phenom ii x4 965 processor?

E7200 Core2Duo here, currently.

However, I plan on an i5-9600K build pretty soon.