cpu goes wild on multi thread

Hi there, vcv runs pretty good and all stable with one core on linux. as soon as i want to give it multicore, the cpu usage goes crazy and i get a cpu fan concert here :wink: cpu usage would go on an empty patch from 1% to 450% … any ideas what this could be?

did you try it, with just an audio-module loaded?

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rsmus7: I just tried it: with just the audio module the cpu usage also goes up, but not crazy: it goes from 1,5% to 5%…

Which CPU performance scaling governor - “powersave” or “ondemand” ? CPU percentage may fluctuate because CPU freq is changing to meet demand.

If not allready using it - try changing to “performance”.

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This doesn’t account for the very high usage, but be aware should should use the minimum number of threads necessary for any patch. Increasing threads carries its own overhead. Having excess threads can experience higher CPU usage than a patch with fewer threads. And you always need an Audio module for proper performance.


the governor is set to performance.

@PaulPiko you mean an external sound card? i m just on the internal one, also with pulseaudio. I prefer using jack but somehow pulse works smoother with vcvrack here…

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I mean one of the VCV Audio modules


ah ok yeah i got that!

thanks all for your help, seems a simple update and reboot solved the problem for now!! fingers crossed it s not coming back :slight_smile: