Cozmic Oscillator Plugin

I stumbled upon one of Omri’s older tutorials using Cozmic:

Animated Circuits Cozmic Oscillator - VCV Rack Tutorial

Looks like a useful module, unfortunately it was for an older version of VCV Rack and no longer works:

Curious if anyone has any thoughts on emulating it.

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I really do miss this one… But, have a look at Warp Core. It’s not the same, but it’s pretty amazing


Nice, looks like I have my morning cut out for me now :slight_smile: Thanks!

This module made the fattest basses. I too miss it very much.

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yep. such a great module it was… maybe some1 contact the author and ask for an update?!

( I would do it but I looked but can’t find coders email… :frowning:

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There’s a github issue raised re v2 in 2021 and another in 2022 with no response.

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Just to reiterate for new ppl…

Usually the original license, and VCV rules, will allow one to copy the source code, make a new panel and graphics, and put it in the VCV library as a new plugin. Of course one would need to check the source code license first to be sure that’s ok.

What you can’t do is copy the plugin and branding (panel graphics, and possibly custom UI Widgets), change the code (like update to V2), and put it in the library as a new plugin.

This is not open source.

Oops! Then for sure what I said does not apply. Sry.

@nate.reeves maybe you can use the one from this module


Playing around with Warp Core. Not sure exactly what I’m doing, but getting some fun sounds.

240228-warp_core-02.vcv (1.7 KB)