counting gates

continuing from the “module ideas” thread

I’m looking for a way to count gates and create a new gate from that. Start a new gate on a rise and end the new gate on the n’th fall.

I made a patch to illustrate what I’m looking for. It uses pulses instead of gates, ideally I would tap duration instead of start/end. (There are modules that decompose gates into pulses)

NYSTHI Janneker and Count Modula Clocked Random Gates have been suggested, maybe I’m dense, but I can’t get it to go.

gates.vcv (8.9 KB)


That sounds like you’re actually after a clock divider.

Used your clock divider and vc freq divII. Both are only triggerd by the rise of the input gate. Fiddling more with countless modules, I also would like to set a different division for the high and low part of the new gate. Changed the original module idea to reflect that.

you could use janneker to control a switch.