Count Modular Super Arpeggiator and VCV Chord

Shouldn’t this work? The four Chord outputs are merged and sent to the Super Arpeggiator. Except instead of playing an arpeggio, the first note is played over and over.

Gate also should be a polyphonic one. Imagine how you will latch keys on the piano


Thanks. I just figured that out, too. :slight_smile:

As @VCVRackIdeas has said, you have to multiply the gate signal. Count Modula has a Signal Manifold module which is great for multiplying that signal. You also need to find the right gate length to give the arpeggiator enough time to kick in. Watch the top row of status lights to see when you have adjusted that just right. If you have 4 poly channels going, you should see 3 or 4 status lights (depending on whether your chord is truly 3 or 4 notes).


Thanks. That really simplifies the button situation for me. Miserable today, isn’t it? (I think I live ony about five miles from you.)

Used to date a girl many moons ago that lived a couple streets away from you. :sunglasses: