Count Modula Event Timer - 4 digits instead of 3?

I need to count N+1 clock events (stopping two sequencers on the N+1th).

Event timer is perfect for this, except when N is more 999. Guess what? My N is 2400 [Edit- I wrote 1200]… and could be more.

The dirty solution is to chain 3x800 event timer (801) for the last. Any clean solution out there? I could not find one, but I am just a newbie,

So 4 digits would be great. I know… someone then will ask for 5.


I’m guessing Nysthi Bignumber is not useful for you?

Computerscare Laundry Soup can handle very large clock divisions.

Type in: <1200> and you’ve got it. Don’t forget the angle brackets that surround the number: < ... >, they are necessary for divisions higher than 9

To dag2099 - thanks but seems an overkill :slight_smile:

To computerscare: well, Event Timer is to the point - simple interface, clear and unambiguous functionality, large display for tracking ; also (moot point) I did not need any repetition, just a one off end of the session. Nevertheless, Laundry Soup WILL be useful.



Sorry, I didn’t make it clear that you can link Bignumbers together in a row to make a multi digit display.

Dag, don’t understand me wrong. Skimming through the documentation (remember “I am just a newbie”), it seemed to me that BigNumber has a lot of possibilities - but was too complex for what I needed. Also, after all I was complaining about linking Event Counters.

This being said, BigNumbert is now on my “read the manual” list.


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Only 4 or 5? That can’t be enough…

Seriously though, if you do want one with more digits (within reason 4 or maybe 5 max) pop a feature request in on the guthub page. Issues · countmodula/VCVRackPlugins · GitHub


Even if events were a millisecond apart, 9,999,999,999 of them would take 115+ days. That should cover things. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the nice prototype :slight_smile:

I will not submit a feature request. Chaining 3 is enough for the time being. I do not see that I will need more - if so I will indeed submit a request.


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