Count modula 8 step

I noticed that count modula trigger sequencers, for example 8 step trigger sequencer is always a bit late triggering compared for example SEQ-3 or GATE-SEQ-64. For clock I am using Imprompty Clocked.

Is there anything I’m missing with the count modula devices that could case them to always be a bit late compared to other sequencers when clocked & reset to the same source?

Different modules can handle resets differently. Here’s what I do that seems to make most modules work in time together…

In Clocked’s right-click menu:

  1. Turn off “Outputs reset high when not running”

  2. Turn on both the "On Stop’ reset options

That’s what I did here and Seq3 and CM 8 step triggers are running in sync


Thanks, now I have them in sync, I tried a couple of others and they synced up too.

Nysthi Squonk seems not to like reset on start, I guess could relate to that… if I was given a reset at start I would probably stutter :slight_smile: But set as you said, all line up now thanks once again!

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