Could you share your waveguide synthesis patches?

The inspiring sound of the iconic Yamaha VL1 uses waveguide synthesis technology

Could you share your patches using this synthesis method? It would very helpful in learning this type of synthesis

This seems relevant:

I don’t know of any physical modelling modules in VCV - but my knowledge of the topic is very limited. (unless you consider modelling of electronic cirquits “physical modelling” - I dont’ have a degree in computer music).


My limited experience with “physical modeling” is the Korg Wavedrum, and the VST plugin Chromaphone from AAS

Perhaps also Mutable Instruments | Elements - called “Audible Instruments, Modal synthesizer” in VCV can count as a waveguide synth - not sure.

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sckitam waveguide delay is probably what you want if you want to build from scratch. when you introduce stuff into its feedback loop you have to tune it with the DAdj parameter, which is a bit finicky. not sure if that module has already been ported to v2.

WGly - Polyphonic waveguide synth

My patch with this synthesis method (not sure), which sometimes lives its life

WGly.vcv (3.0 KB)


when Frequency Domain Modules return to the library (waiting on the VCV folks now), you can play with the Dance this Mesh around module (which is a waveguide synth module). It pairs well with the Heat of the Moment impulse generator


Looking forward to these modules and probably checking the library every day since you announced version 2.0 :smiley:

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oh yes!!

that was an expensive synth,. I found one near me a couple years back,. however guy was still asking $2-3k range if I recall.

I did some work implementing my version in SunVox a while back,. after having read the VL1 manual, and what info I could find. I had a bit of success, using self limiting feedback loops, in creating expressive and unique sounds, but not as close to sax or cello as the VL1 has in presets.

I will give it a go in Rack and get back to you,. an interesting challenge to be sure.

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Interesting method, curious to see and learn more about it