Could not load patch, help fixing JSON please

image How would I fix this error? Can’t seem to open the file with notepad. Happened after PC shut down due to overheating with patch open.

Its on windows 10, VCV Rack 2 Free Application

Are you trying to open the patch.json file from the C:\Users\YOU\Documents\Rack2\autosave folder ?

could it be an old patch, saved in VCV 1.x?

no, i just wanna fix the .vcv file.

the autosave is long gone for me, vcv opened a blank patch after the error


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.vcv files are compressed, and not with standard .zip compression. You’d have to unpack and repack the vcv file. Windows can’t open it, but it looks like 7Zip has no trouble.

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May i ask what 72zip is and how to get it?



Have regular random crashes (even by using single module, eg AUDIO-2 nothing else) when autosave.vcv is automatically loaded (or during load), on Rack 2 open (including actual v2.4.1). Not occur on load from File / Open menu.

When opening autosave.vcv I suspect some variables have erratic values, out of arrays bounds or something similar.

Log doesn’t indicates useful infos.