Could not load library: symbol not found in flat namespace '_modelMyModule'


After following the module development tutorial successfully ('My Module appears and works well in Rack), tried to make another module.

I was able to do all the required steps including panel design etc. . The files compile and install in Racks plugin folder, However, the module does not appear in VCV rack.

This is my error message in the log.txt:

[0.153 info src/plugin.cpp:137 loadPlugin] Loading plugin from /Users/leonardsteyaert/Documents/Rack2/plugins/Ligeti [0.323 warn src/plugin.cpp:203 loadPlugin] Could not load plugin /Users/leonardsteyaert/Documents/Rack2/plugins/Ligeti: Failed to load library /Users/leonardsteyaert/Documents/Rack2/plugins/Ligeti/plugin-arm64.dylib: dlopen(/Users/leonardsteyaert/Documents/Rack2/plugins/Ligeti/plugin-arm64.dylib, 0x0006): symbol not found in flat namespace ‘_modelMyModule’

Any idea how i could solve this? I am using Rack’s ARM64 architecture

Thanks in. advance

that probably means that in the MyModule.cpp where you do a rack::Module *myModule = createModule<...> either (1) that c++ file isn’t being linked, (2) you forgot that line or (3) you didnt change the name of the target when you copied and pasted. Just a guess - hard to tell without linking your code of course.

Found my mistake, thanks!

the file automatically generated the lines “extern Model* modelMyModule;” “p->addModel(modelMyModule);” even though I set name and slug to “Ligeti”

Therefore when I changed to “extern Model* modelLigeti;” “p->addModel(modelLigeti);” it was resolved

Thanks for your fast answer

You have piqued my interest with a model named after one of the most interesting composers of the last 50 years though