Could not extract plugin package

hey there! after updating, i get this message when opening VCV and i don’t know how to solve?!

“Could not extract plugin package / Users/myname/Documents/Rack2/plugins-mac-arm64/Blamsoft-XFXWave-2.0.3-mac-arm64.vcvplugin”

thanks for all/any help!

What version of VCV ARM64 are you running 2.4.1 ?

On another channel, @vortico is asking people to open a ticket with VCV support if you’re seeing this issue.

yeah 2.4.1

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ah cool, where is that? would be cool to see if a solution is posted, thanks!

Do ALL the other plugins extract just fine, and is this the only one giving you trouble ?

this is the only message i get/i think all others are fine?

Did you try removing the downloaded file, an re-downloading by restarting Rack ?

yep, did that/same message at start- though now there are two folders of plugins-mac-x64 in the rack folder and the patches folder is empty?

Is one of them empty ?

nope- its basically not opening my old patches

I think you need to contact support :

yep, just did, thank you peter!

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