"Could not extract package" after library update


After having upgraded to the library’s latest update (“Update All”), I have the following error message appearing on next startup. I can go beyond the message but the library appears as if it wasn’t updated.


In this message there is a line for each package which was supposed to be updated.

What’s wrong?

What platform are you on, and what version of VCV are you using?

Have you upgraded plugins before without issue?

that home directory path sure looks like windows :wink: C:\Users

I changed the name of my Macintosh HD to “C” just to freak people out…

Perhaps I’m the only one, but… :wink:


very fiendish to name your mac C:\!

They’ll never catch me!


I am on Windows 10 and I am using VCV 1.1.6. I have updated plug-ins many times without any issue until now.

remove the zip files it can’t extract and try again

After a reboot everything is fine again. Why? Huh.

For one thing, “security software” can do many marvellous and weird things.