Core VCV MIDI-CV: Reset Mode Explanation?

I have a good grasp as to how polyphony in rack works now, but I’m having a bit of trouble with getting the midi module to act as a traditional keyboard if that makes sense.

So in this example I’m using 4 note polyphony. If I play one note, I get a single note played back to me. If I play four as a chord, I get that chord played back to me. But now if I play a single note again, it seems I get that note as well as the last three played. In other words I get another chord, just from playing a single note, which is not what I want. And this is all in the reset polyphony mode.

Is this what’s supposed to happen? Am I just understanding this mode and polyphony wrong? Or is this a bug?

You’re probably patching wrong. It sounds like you’re using a monophonic rather than polyphonic gate.

Can you give us a screenshot of your patch? While there may be some bugs in polyphony it’s also not always obvious how to get it set up right (and how to take advantage of it when do know what to do).

You’re absolutely right, it was a patching error. Thank you! My problem was that I was summing my polyphonic gates and vco outputs to the quad vca. I thought using the sum on both would get the results I wanted, but I was wrong. I know why now!

I would like to know what reset mode does. I understand the other ones.

So as far as I can tell, if you release a key (polyphony channel), it’s available as an unused channel.

Only tested while pressing keys while watching the viz module though.

I noticed that the documentation from VCV explains the modes :wink: