Core MIDI-4?

Hello, sorry new user here. Watching a few tutorials and people are using the midi-4 module. I went to go find it and it doesnt seem to be there? Is there a new module that does the same function? sorry if this is a dumb question.

VCV Rack v1 added polyphonic cables, so there is no longer a need for multi-output “polyphonic” modules like MIDI-4 anymore. Simply use VCV MIDI-CV, right-click on its panel, and choose 4 polyphonic channels. This makes the outputs generate polyphonic signals.


amazing, thank you. Im super new to the software, so a few tutorials are older and it was confusing me.


Hello, sorry still confused here after playing around. Im working off of Omri’s fantastic tutorial and trying to figure out chords. (skip to 9:39). Hes using the midi-4 module to take the v/o, Gate and Velocity control to their respective patches. When he plays a chord it sounds right. Howeve rwhen I do the same thing with Midi-CV and change to 4 polyphoic channels i get different results. The notes play, but then when I take the 4th note and change it the rest of the chord cuts off. Any ideas?

How hes doing it:

How im doing it:

Basically what Im hearing is i play a note, then hit the next note higher on the scale and the lower note disappears, Or if Im holding two notes and play a higher note on the scale the two notes dissapear, and when I release the higher note they re-appear. Thanks for the help with a newbie!

You can’t run the same 4 voice poly cables out of the MIDI-CV and into different modules, theuy will all play the same thing - the first note. You need to split those up into 4 mono cv/gate like in Omri’s video. Oh, and thanks for using EV3.

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This is all super helpful. What module can split them up? I tried using sum but thats not correct cuase I cant get it to work.

it seems to me like im in case 1. I have a polyphonic source coming out of the MIDI CV, I tried using sum to make it monophonic then connecting that to the gate’s of my ADSR’s but that didnt work, am I missing something here?

yeah but the mono-gate isn’t in the new version of vcv, so I’m confused, the concepts make sense, I just dont have enough knowledge yet to understand the theory in execution. Also your welcome. The EV3 has been my first VCO that im playing with since Omri uses it so much.

Perhaps a bit too obvious but the VCV Split module will do it…

Thank you so much! That solved it. Im so new to this wonderful world of experimentation. This is how I solved it w your suggestion.

took the V/oct poly into one split and routed that to EV3 and EVENVCO Then the Gate went into another split and routed to the ADSR’s.

Hey, don’t worry. There is a LOT of stuff to learn. Usually people here are quite happy to help out. Unless the question is “why are my macbook fans running all the time”, then people will say "search the forum before posting1’ :wink:



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