Controlling pattern repeats with DK drum sequencer


Noob here. I have DK drum sequencer with, let’s say, three patterns. Please could someone help me, in explicit terms, understand how I can control the number of repeats of a pattern and switching between them. For example, I may want to play pattern 1 five times, then pattern 2 three times, back to pattern 1 fives time, then pattern 3 six times. I am at a loss here. Many thanks in advance for your time and patience!

Which modules is that? If it has CV input for patterns then you could use a sequential switch with different voltages which each trigger a different pattern and then trigger the switch with some kind of clock. This is somewhat limited though, or long winded at least, depending on how many patterns you have and if they need to be triggered at different lengths/intervals.

NYSTHI’s Jooper and Jannekar is a powerful combination and is well suited for a task like this, again send different voltages which trigger the pattern change into jooper and set up scene on jennekar. There is some more information about how to do this in the unofficial documentation - (pdf) nysthimanual/Jooper-Janneker-Janneker_timed.pdf at master · patman023/nysthimanual · GitHub

You could also sequence note changes with Squinky’s Seq++ or the Entrian modules, this might the easiest way.

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Sorry, can’t get anything right. It’s the SV Modular drum sequencer, if that helps. I had looked at the Squinky Seq++ but it wasn’t clear to me how it’s piano roll format with notes would trigger the individual programmes in the drum sequencer. Entrian looks good but am look for free options I.e. saveable


You could try it like this, hereis the selection :

DrumSeq-16072022.vcvs (77.1 KB)

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Yes, that digital sequencer works well, thanks. So my question now is…I can have a sequence of 32 steps in the digital sequencer. What do I do if I want more? Can I daisy chain the sequencers? Can I move to seq2 after the 32 steps of seq1 are complete? Sorry for the repeat question, this seems like a clear solution if I can extend the number of steps I can sequence

DrumSeq-16072022 times four.vcvs (80.2 KB)

Chew on this… :grinning:

I ff up clock 2 should be at 1x.


That is fantastic, thanks. Plenty to play around with there. I really appreciate your help.

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Its a delay from Grande and I use it to delay the reset pulse otherwise the switch moves to step 2 in stead of starting at step 1.

But seeing as you removed your post you probably found it by now.

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Yes, I did find it eventually!

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Hi Yeager, hope you pick this up. I imported your strip today but it does not seem to work in my hands. The digital sequencer is not advancing from sequencer 1 to 2 to 3 etc, it is cycling through sequencer 1 as before. Any advice on what I am missing to make this work would be gratefully received. I cannot upload the patch I am using as a new user.

Edit: Unless I am missing how this functions of course…

Hi martinjcann(t) <-little joke there…

Just import the strip set clock 2 to 1x and run the clock, it should start to play seq 3 (2 times) then go to seq1( play that 2 times) then play seq2 (2 times) then play seq3 (5 times) etc… Where does it go wrong ?

Sorry re-read your post, so after the 32 steps its not changing to the second seq ?

Visually there will be no change to the digital sequencer but it should play the next seq.

You are watching seq 1 but seq 2 has no sequence programmed, just change those…

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Yep, that makes sense. It was playing the different seqs but I was watching the seq1 pattern and it wasn’t making sense but does now! Thanks again

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